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 Download our eBook Meal Prep 101


Meal Prep 101 is a holistic eBook that provides quick and easy recipes to get you started on your journey to becoming healthy and fit. With this book, you will learn six simple make-ahead meals which can be easily prepared in advance, stored, and brought to work. Meal prepping saves you time, money and helps you reduce waste. It gives you total control over what goes in your food — leading to more nutritious meal choices in the long run.
The whole concept of meal prep has been a game-changer for me. Not only do I save time in the morning, but it also helps keep track of what goes into my diet and how much waste there is from not being able to easily prepare food at home before heading out! This book will show you six different recipes that require minimal ingredients with easy instructions so all this hard work can be done ahead without worrying about forgetting anything or having leftovers (which are never fun).


Body Wisdom Breakthru


Are you struggling with your weight?
Have you tried all different kinds of diets?
Do you suffer from ongoing knee and back pain due to the excess weight?
Are you tired of habits that no longer serve you?
Are you ready for a transformation that lasts?

Download your eBook Today

Lose weight without the fuss. Six simple recipes to help you achieve your goals and make healthy eating easier than ever.

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Imagine being 1 or even 2 sizes smaller in 6 weeks.

Participants lose between 10-27 lbs. (average 16+ lbs!)

Body Wisdom brings you a powerful proven approach to weight loss that incorporates the mind, body, and spirit.
Body Wisdom can influence how you manage stress and anxiety; assist in long-term weight loss and maintenance, address sleep disorders, enhance brain health, improve your energy and vitality and help you address or prevent many health challenges.


Dana Skaf

MBA (Health Coach & Owner)

Hear It From Others

Our coaches are passionate about guiding our clients to become healthier, more balanced and confident – empowered to live a more mindful lifestyle. This unique program helps people achieve and maintain their healthiest weight, become more productive, get better sleep, longevity and more!


"I finally decided to do something for myself for a change. I joined the six week online group not knowing what to expect. Dana exceeded my expectations. I lost 13 pounds and I feel absolutely fabulous. I moved more in six weeks than I did last year. I am happy my spirit has been renewed. I feel lighter and my painful joints are nonexistent. The program works. It’s just that simple. Can’t wait to see what phase 2 will bring me but I’m ready and willing to work."


"I have now lost 60 pounds and counting! My favorite aspect of the Body Wisdom program is the holistic approach. It is an outstanding and powerful approach for your mind, body, and spirit. Truly, the Body Wisdom program is a life-changer. I am forever grateful and inspired."


"I purchased The Body Wisdom Program and I am happy to report it really works! I lost 25 pounds and I am making much better food choices. What I lost was my food cravings and acid reflux. My doctor is thrilled! The meal plan is easy to follow for everyone including vegetarians and vegans and I was never hungry. It even helped my partner feel better and lose some weight too. I highly recommend the program."

Success Stories

Download the eBook Today!

Nice to meet you!


Dana Skaf, MBA (Health Coach & Owner)

"With the Body Wisdom Lifestyle program, not only have I created the body I have always wanted, but my confidence skyrocketed. I no longer have anxiety; I have a new perspective on work and life balance and I am loving my life!”

Dana is certified in nutrition counseling, yoga and personal training. Dana was the first Body Wisdom coach and recently became the owner of the company. Dana has great success in leading groups and individual clients who have achieved exceptional results. She is also the co-developer of the online Body Wisdom Breakthru program. She is a lifelong learner and has also benefited from Ayurveda courses provided by the Deepak Chopra center. In her 20-year corporate career, she has been recognized as a distinguished individual for her exceptional customer service and professional integrity.

For most of her life, Dana searched for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a traveling corporate executive for over 20 years, she suffered from stress, anxiety and yo-yo dieting which had a tremendous impact on her physical and mental health.

Dana found the Body Wisdom lifestyle program and learned that creating healthy habits and eating balanced meals was the answer to managing her anxiety and keeping the weight off. Dana lost 30 pounds with the program and has kept if off while finding her home now as a graduate of the program. The Body Wisdom Lifestyle program unlike other restrictive approaches, is healthy, safe and encourages a balanced array of healthy foods such as fruits and bread. These are often prohibited in other programs!

As a healthcare executive coaching other business owners, Dana decided to create a new self-care life path for herself. She decided to combine her love of yoga and dance with her passion for nutrition and create a new career path providing weight loss and nutrition counseling to others.

Dana has helped countless others lead a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle combined with long lasting weight loss. She continues to be on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey to transform herself as well as share her knowledge and wisdom with others.